Rendezvous: Shadows of the Past Now Available on Steam

Bowling Green, KY – May 26, 2022 | Pendopo Studios and its publisher, Hitcents, today announced that Rendezvous: Shadows of the Past will be officially released on May 26th on Steam. This prequel to the upcoming Rendezvous will be free to play at launch. Rendezvous uses a cyber-noir setting to tell the story of its protagonist living in an authoritarian metropolis.

Rendezvous follows Setyo who tries to forget his haunting past as an ex-agent. He must return to the dystopian city of Neo-Surabaya to save his sister while battling drones and street punks along the way. The story includes tense action and requires the player to observe their environment for clues to solve puzzles along the way.

“Rendezvous means so much for Pendopo since it’s our first big project. By telling a personal story of familial ties with cyberpunk and noir tropes, we hope to bring Indonesian cultures to the global gaming community, a corner of the world that is usually underrepresented.“ – Pendopo Development Team

Main Game Content

  • Immerse yourself in a stunning combination of 2D hand-drawn pixel art in a 2.5D world, melded with modern effects to bring depth and life to Bay City.
  • Multiple paths lead to items, objects of interest, and tools to solve challenges that stand in your path!
  • Choose between bypassing encounters with stealth or face them head-on

More information can be found on Rendezvous’s official Steam page and the Shadows of the Past Steam page.

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