Review: Cotton Fantasy

By SUCCESS Corporation and published by ININ Games for western fans are releasing the latest entry into the Cotton Fantasy series on May 20th. A side scrolling retro style shoot-em-up with amazing graphics and upbeat and memorable music.

Uncover the truth to why all of the willows are missing from Fairy Land! With six choose able characters that have very unique and different shooting mechanics and special attacks. Each one of them does feel very different than the other. The character that I used the most “Ria” was awesome to me compared to everyone else with her wide machine gun shots taking up so much of the screen, I didn’t have to worry about enemies making it near me.

The story that you get is enjoyable and doesn’t stick around too long for what it is. I loved the graphics of the arenas and areas that you fly by AND through! Even though I did get stuck on a couple walls that lead to me dying, I loved that it seemed like you were flying through the actual environment and not just seeing a back drop.

Gameplay was also very enjoyable for the same reason. You can actually pretty easily control where your character is going, and I didn’t feel like I had to barely tap on my joystick or Dpad to really get to a precise area between gun shots.

Cotton Fantasy will be launching on the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 on May 20th, 2022!


Gameplay- 10/10: Levels are fun and challenging. Not to a point of feeling impossible but good for a casual fan.

Graphics- 7/10: The funny and very well done slide show cutscenes are fun. The game play does a good job and using 2D and 3D at the same time, and also it’s all beautifully and vibrantly colored

Sound Design- 10/10: The music is so much fun and it’s constantly at that point. The music alone made me feel like I was having fun.

Control- 10/10: Literally one of the best feeling side scrollers I have played.

Overall Grade-9.25/10: Cotton Fantasy is one of the best side scrolling games I have played. The use of different characters and firing modes was great, I loved the music and look of the game. I highly recommend it for someone that is either a fan of the franchise or someone who wants a fun casual gaming experience.

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