Fall Guys Going Free-to-Play!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout the game that took the internet by storm will be going free to play! The game which is on every major console and PC will support cross-play and cross-progression with Epic Games online services.

Starting with it’s new season “Free For All” that will have all new rewards, events, locations and challenges for all of them Fall Guys will be turning to the free-to-play route of business. Also adding with it a new in game currency called “Show-Bucks” which players can purchase to in game items including the battle pass for the new season. Any players that have had to purchase the title in the past will be rewarded with free cosmetics in a Legacy Pack bundle and season pass for the Free For All season.

Fall Guys’ new free-to-play launch, new season and new console versions will be arriving on June 21st!

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