Looking Back: Kenner Toy Catalog GhostBuster Toys Edition

If you’re anything like me, a child of the 80’s, nothing was better than cracking open a new toy from Kenner, and finding one of their amazing toy catalogs. Being able to flip through and find toys that were coning soon, or that you hadn’t seen in your local KB Toys yet.

Lucky for you I’ve found some of my old Kenner toy catalogs, and have started scanning them in! Each week I’ll track down the commercials for the toys, and I’ll go over my memories of the toys therein as well!

No Ghostbuster fan was complete without the Firehouse headquarters as well, and if you didn’t use the bright blue fire pole as a weapon, were you even alive?
The Classic Monster line was also a favorite of mine. I had almost the entire collection, and would integrate them into matches with WWF superstars.
One of my absolute favorite toys, was Fearsome Flush. A haunted toilet! Who could beat this?!

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