DreadXP News! Check Out The Horror News!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Independent horror publisher and production company DreadXP is pleased to unveil a series of totally terrifying announcements. Learn more in today’s DreadXP Dispatch, the number one place for news that will make you scream!

The first exciting announcement is that the critically acclaimed Sucker for Love: First Date now features full Chinese language support. Starting today, more players can experience the delicious highs and deadly lows that come with trying to romance an Elder goddess. From performing dangerous rituals, to keeping your demonic date happy, and even escaping from the horrors that you yourself unleash, there’s lots of fun to be had!

DreadXP fans can now get their hands on new merchandise inspired by the publisher’s latest and upcoming titles, including the iconic Lipstick for Love t-shirt as seen in Sucker for Love: First Date. Fans of the Lovecraftian dating sim can also pick up some wonderful Eldritch waifu posters, cute stickers, and stylish masks. Additional merch based on The Mortuary AssistantMy Friendly NeighborhoodDread DelusionDread X Collection, and Spookware are also available, with more exciting merch on the way. Visit the store to see more: https://store.dreadxp.com.

DreadXP’s upcoming wizard simulator Hand of Doom now has a Steam page. Similarly to Sucker for Love: First DateHand of Doom debuted as part of a Dread X Collection and will be released as a standalone title later this year. To learn more and wishlist the game, visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/1924400/Hand_of_Doom.

In addition to being available on Steam and Itch.io, previously released DreadXP titles are now also available on the Epic Games Store, as will all future releases. Gamers can purchase the quirky micro game-fest Spookware, the deadly dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date, and all of the Dread X Collections starting today from the Epic Games Store. 

A winner has been announced for the DreadXP Found Footage Game Jam: 2000 Navidson Lane. Made in just seven days, 2000 Navidson Lane is a short-form atmospheric horror game by indie developer duckenheimer. In it, players are tasked with doing a simple home inspection for a vacant property … but it appears to be anything but vacant. Something isn’t right. 2000 Navidson Lane is available to download on Itch.io as a “name your own price” title.

And just as a reminder, the latest installment in DreadXP’s popular anthology horror series is set to release on Friday, May 20, 2022! Based around the theme of “entertainment”, Dread X Collection 5 brings forth twelve delightfully twisted short-form nightmares from the creators of such indie hits as 0°N 0°WLakeview CabinSylvio, and The Mortuary Assistant. Fans can wishlist the game by going to the Steam page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1899810/Dread_X_Collection_5

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