Real Gamer Game Review – Elden Ring

Since the first trailer for Elden Ring dropped all the way back in 2019, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. I had just done a playthrough of Dark Souls 3 and was gearing myself up to play Sekiro, and the thought of From Software dropping another game in a more similar style to Dark Souls was freaking amazing! I personally love the medieval fantasy of Dark Souls with magic and absurdly huge chunks of steel that Dark Souls calls swords. With a story for some that will be as difficult to follow as it is to beat Melania Blade of Miquella (If you know you know), 

I have put just shy of 200 hours into Elden Ring so far and not only is the game fantastic it is also even more fun to me than previous From Soft games that have come out. With such an outstanding soundtrack and breathtakingly beautiful arenas that I literally lost out on runes, and even boss fights because I was too distracted listening and looking around From really went hard on making this game a staple in their gaming catalog. The sheer amount of stuff that you can find just exploring the open world area of this game is bonkers! I spent so much time just running around finding things to pick up or just went around harvesting things until I came across a landmark and thought “oh what’s this!?”. The game is literally just like doom scrolling through twitter or TikTok you find something and have you run to it and when you get there you are either thrown into a person who will set you up for a quest, or on the way there you find the next landmark you want to go investigate.  

I have seen some people on YouTube or Twitter saying that the game is hard to follow story wise and that they should have made the main story (like the intro stuff of the game) a little easier to follow, but I don’t see it that way. I think that the way From Software tells their stories in game phenomenal, while some think it is lazy, I couldn’t disagree more! Connecting the dots of the story by ACTUALLY paying attention to dialog or by paying attention to your surroundings and the environment around you feels so much more enthralling than just having a cutscene play out and tell you everything. From Soft has smashed it out of the park again when it comes to learning about the story you are playing through, and I get it some people don’t want to sit there and read each lore piece in the item descriptions that respectable. Looking around helps you learn about things just as much as the lore tabs do too!  

 Environmental story telling isn’t something that is only in From Soft games as a Fallout fan I am used to getting story from looking around for things to tell me what I should expect, or what kind of event has happened before I arrived here. The way that Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring tell the story of what has happened to the world you are set it in done incredibly well in my personal opinion.  

Combat is very similar to that of Dark Souls but with minor tweaks that are immediately made known. The addition of the jumping attacks is helpful to the point that I noticed that I was just heavy attacking too much, and really needed to stand and fight a bit more instead of backing up and jumping around. The Ash of War addition is another very good addition to the weapons, being able to change out the weapon arts for better ones is great! Getting my 6th straight sword but not having to have all of them with spinning slash on them is a blessing. It really allows you to change up a lot of the weapons you’ll come across and doesn’t make you feel like you have 25 of the same weapons just sitting in your inventory. Getting to add bleed, poison, keen, quality or whatever you choose is awesome!  

Spirit summons are something that only mods could do for you in Soul’s games, right before Elden Ring came out I had played through Dark Souls 3 with a mod that let you be a necromancer and you could summon souls very similarly. I loved that and being able to actually do it in the base game for Elden Ring was jaw dropping. Not only do they come in handy some of the summons (looking at you Mimic Tear +10) can literally carry you through a boss even post nerf. The amount of summons is literally insane, there are really to many to choose from.

Then we have the day & night cycle … or day cycle whichever. Having different enemies and open world bosses based on the time of day is something I wasn’t expecting and it’s very refreshing to have. The first time I came across a Night’s Cavalry I was like “what in the **** is this!?” I really didn’t expect to see so many different enemy types, and even though you do get a fair bit of rehashes in this game it doesn’t become repetitive to the point of boredom. Open world games always have some rehashes and that to be expected when the games is freakin massive. Main boss wise you only get I think 2 of these incidence’s and it makes sense story wise so I’m not going to knock the game for that. I can still here “I am Malenia Blade of Miquella” When I sleep and I will agree with the masses she is the hardest boss I’ve fought in a soulsbourne game.  

From Soft really pulled out all the stop for this one from making slight changes to combat adding beautiful music and scenery and adding some of my favorite boss fights I’ve ever fought (looking at you Radahn). Elden Ring is by far my vote for game of the year and were only barely hitting the quarter of the year mark, and don’t listen to the reviews that say the game is around 60 hours. If you beat it that fast you aren’t going to truly enjoy Elden Ring for what it is, go out there explore challenge things you thing you can’t be and become a true Elden Lord. I cannot wait for any DLC or extra content that this game gets and I’m sure finding all the secrets and getting all the quests done will carry me over till that time! If you have been on the fence on this game go out there and get it.  

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