Ohhhhhhh snaaaaapppp!!!! Tamashii Nations have been cookin in da kitchen!!!!!!! MAN o man have they been brewing up some damn good figures!!!!! Finally after years and years, we have an anime accurate looking adult Son Gohan!!!!!!!

Face is very accurate to the source material!

I definetly feel like 2022 will be a whole new caliber of Dragonball figures! Ever since Bardock and Raditz, I have noticed that the sculpt artwork for the faces have been leagues better then what they were producing before!

Hair and face have higher quality sculpt.

The figures that they have been working on recently truly have that banpresto-ISH Feel to their sculpt and facial features. Making these figures seem more premium and higher quality for what they are asking for price wise.

Come and join me down below for a few opinions and reaction to this breaking news!!

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