Popular YouTuber Mr. Beast Announces “Creative Juice” For New Creators.

Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast is a large and popular YouTuber who has been long known as someone that is extraordinarily generous, and that generosity is going to continue. The YouTuber has announced that he is launching a 2 million dollar investment fund for up-and-coming content creators.

Content creators will be able to receive up to $250,000 in exchange for a stake in the creator’s channel. “Creative Juice” which is home to this $2,000,000 investment fund, and is a company that Mr. Beast is also an investor in.

“We’re gonna make sure we find [creators] that actually need a giant cash inflow and aren’t just trying to go buy a Lamborghini,” Donaldson said when talking about Creative Juice, though other major details about the company have not been released. The investment fund will not be the only offer for creators, along with this their will be tools to help creators track stats and performance across platforms and multiple more.

With some investors calling this new company the “Square for creators” keep your eyes on the look out for what this new company will have to offer up and coming creators!

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