Review: Curse of the Dead Gods

Team Frankenculture was lucky enough to be given a review copy of Passtech Games newest roguelike dungeon crawler and we’re happy they did. As a fan of shooters and survival games I went into this review open minded and was pleasantly surprised. Feel free to read on with the review.

Title: Curse of the Dead Gods Developers: Passtech Games Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Platforms: PC(Steam),PS4 and Xbox One Release Date: 23 Feb 2021

Curse of the Dead Gods starts you out as the explorer Caradog McCallister at the beginning of a dungeon with just a torch, sword and pistol and gives you a basic tutorial of the gameplay mechanics and what to expect after you start your journey. Starting your dungeon journey at the map shows the different paths you can take and explore with areas of each stage offering relics, weapons, health or gold leaving it up to you to decide what you want or may need.

The map areas you enter are full of traps, fireball cannons and of course the enemies that range in various difficulties as you explore looking for treasure and upgrade fountains the you can offer the gold you find or even make blood sacrifices that will take away from you health in case you haven’t found enough gold throughout your journey.

The fighting mechanics of the game are along the lines of most roguelike games where you can equip a main hand slot, an off hand slot, two handed weapons and torches and use the various weapons as you go from room to room. Some enemies even drop weapons as you go allowing you to try different weapons throughout each area so you’re not stuck with one weapon style throughout the map.

Curse of the Dead Gods also added another level to your game play called the Corruption Gauge where it fills from opening doors, making blood offerings or getting hit from some enemy attacks which once filled will give you random curses, some curses are helpful but some are harmful. To remove curses you must defeat either a champion or a boss.

Curse of the Dead Gods is a challenging and entertaining game that kept me wanting to try although I didn’t have much success getting past a single boss. I found myself having fun none the less trying to make it out of rooms without taking damage or finding treasure and hidden areas making the best of my curses and can see a lot of replay value in this game.

Gameplay: 10/10– I had fun with the game and never once felt like the game was broken or unplayable. Graphics: 8/10– The game looks and is designed well sometimes the art design blurred together though and made for some chaos on the screen. Control: 7/10– Unless you have a controller to use this game can be tough to move around in. Sound Design: 10/10– I was a big fan of the soundtrack which on steam is even available for purchase as DLC if you wanted to listen without playing. Final Verdict: 9/10– the game is solid but sometimes the controls got me a little flustered, otherwise the game is fun with tons of replay value.

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