Review: Turrican Flashback

A flash from the past! Turrican a title that had its original release on the Commodore 64, has returned and has made it’s way to the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Title: Turrican Flashback
Developer: Ratalaika Games, Factor 5
Publishers: ININ Games
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (reviewed), PS4
Release Date: January 29, 2021

The four titles that made their return are

  • Turrican
  • Turrican 2
  • Mega Turrican
  • Super Turrican

All four of these game make an amazing return to the modern era. The controls have been brought up to the current era, and as someone who went into this game completely unware of the franchises history I didn’t know what to expect, but found myself enjoying what the game is.

If you are also unaware Turrican is an action platformer and really pushes you on the platforming. You will be dodging and shooting everything that comes your way thanks to some really fun abilities that you are able to pick up through your playthrough. I personally loved the scatter gun that you can get. Along with different gun types you get other cool ones like a sick shockwave ability that damages everything around you.

Boss fights were also a fun time on this one. I never felt like any boss was a push over nor did I feel like it was impossible to get past anything. Another thing to add on is that that sound will really bring you back to the glory days of old school gaming. I loved the sounds that you get while doing anything in this game, from shooting your different types of guns to small things like jumping. Turrican making it’s return my not have been on everyone’s radar, but it is easily worth a try!

Grades (All 4 Games)
Gameplay8/10 – Great mixture of platforming, shooting and bosses.

Graphics8/10– Docked and on a larger screen this version of Turrican holds up! I personally enjoyed playing in handheld mode personally, but bother ways looked great.

Control8/10 Turrican’s updated controls really help it out. Things aren’t too slippery and handles well.

Sound Design8/10– Like I said previously Turrican sounds like you ripped a game right out of the past. It sounds great!

Final Verdict8/10– Turrican was never a franchise I knew of in the past and now that I have played it I wish I did. The game feels amazing! The abilities you get throughout your playthrough, the enemies you face and boss fights you run across are great. If you are into retro games or were thinking about picking this one up easily a recommend for me!

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