Review: Teratopia

Teratopia an adventure and action game from developer Ravegan and published by Eastasiasoft Limited is a fun game set to release soon on the 20th of January 2021 across PS4, XBOX, Switch and PC. Frankenculture was given a code to play early access and I instantly found myself having fun. The basics of the game are another button smasher with three different characters and their minions to choose from. Tucho a tank style brawler, Benito with ranged attacks and Horacio a character labeled as a trickster that I have not unlock as I write this review.

Teratopia– Reviewed on PC

Available on– Steam, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Publisher– Eastasiasoft Limited

Developer– Ravegan

Out Now!

Teratopia has a small sized looking map that once you jump into, you’ll find is larger than you thought. It has many layers with hidden areas that can only be accessed as you continue playing and even sometimes returning to areas that you’ve already played though. The enemies are varied and will always respawn as you load back into the map. As you play each area has a different boss to defeat that some had a level of difficulty that took a few tries before beating them.

To help you on your journey each character has a group of minions you can spawn to help you through the map’s areas, destroying the various enemies you encounter along the way. Some minions offer ranged attacks, defense, gathering the resources the enemies drop or even control turrets that are found around the map. Adding to the game is a leveling system for each character, outfits that offer different stat boosts and a story that does a good job of keeping you interested in continued play.

Now I will admit, Teratopia, as fun as it is has some very annoying aspects that I had trouble looking past. I downloaded this game on Steam for the PC and if you do the same use a controller! The keyboard set up for the game felt uncomfortable and there was no mouse support, you play the game only from the keyboard. Also some of the resources dropped from enemies shoot across the map and disappear before you can retrieve them as they’re dropped. Finally the camera angles, you have no control over the camera and sometimes as you jump from platform to platform you’re not fully visible of the proper height or even the edge of the ground and I found myself falling off the map a few times.

Overall I have enjoyed what I’ve played of Teratopia and looking forward to continuing my play time to see what more the game has to offer. Teratopia is out now across all major gaming platforms and here’s a quick over all breakdown.

Gameplay: 9/10- Another enjoyable button smasher.

Graphics: 6/10- The artwork is fun but you’re not going to brag about how great the game looks to your friends.

Control: 4/10- No mouse support and only keyboard doesn’t feel nice as I didn’t know what to do with my other hand, using a controller helps.

Sound Design: 7/10- Teratopia has a fun cartoony soundtrack to match their game but it can get repetitive, more than likely would be a game you listen to other music in the background while playing.

Overall- 6.5/10 Good, but not great. Fun music and gameplay, if you don’t have a PC controller you’re fun will be inhibited.

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