A Word From Endron

We at Frankenculture pride ourselves on the scoop. We’ve recieved an email from an undisclosed employee from Endron, that goes over some back patting, but mostly THREATS TO THE STAFF. Check it out below.

From: HEAD-OFFICE <h.office@endron.com>
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 
To: endron-employees@endron.com

To all Endron employees,

Since its inception, Endron has continually worked for the benefit of humanity. All over the world, we harvest the infinite resources that our beautiful blue planet provides, and use it responsibly to benefit our customers and partners.
You know the positive impact we have better than anyone, and we have sharedit withthe public throughour successful advertising campaigns. (Example)
 Thanks to (y)our work and collective efforts, landscapes that were once wild and hostile have now been tamed, made docile, and contribute to our endless march of progress.
Driven by our innovative communication and work practices, we have been the world leader in the energy sector for several decades. We explain more in this video.
 However, despite these clearly benevolent acts and employing thousands of workers just like yourselves, extremist environmental groups continue their assault on our values. Last year these hostile groups destroyed an Endron operate dam in Missouri, which resulted in the death of several of our employees and millions of dollars worth of damage.
Here we outline the actions of these despicable terrorists. This video is strictly confidential: any unauthorized distribution will result in immediate employee termination and severe financial penalties.
 In response to this threat to our personnel and most importantly, our property, we will provide you with the latest in cutting edge weapons and technology in order to defend our facilities and ensure your safety at work. We must not be afraid or concern ourselves with ethical debate, for our mission is just. We must fight fire with fire against those who would bring harm to our valuable personnel for ‘environmental’ reasons. The Earth is a gift, given to those willing to make the best use of it, and we will shape it as we see fit.

If you ever find yourself questioning your commitment to Endron, please make an appointment with your Human Resources representative as quickly as possible and remember our slogan: buy Endron, think Endron, BE ENDRON. Leave an indelible mark on the world, for a better tomorrow!

The Management team.

Make sure to check out the links in the email, as it provides some pretty interesting details. Unrelated to this, Werewolf: The Apocalypse- Earthblood is going to be available Feb 4th on PS4/5, Xbone, Xbox SX and PC.

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