Shakes On a Plane Review!

Shakes on a Plane is 1 to 4 person co-op game similar to the likes of Overcooked. Taking care of peoples order getting them their food on time and getting rid of there recyclables . Shakes on a Plane was developed by Assemble Entertainment and released on December 15th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Like stated earlier the Shakes on a Plane is very much like Overcooked 1 & 2. It has food that needs to be warmed, coffee, ice cream and others that you need to get to the customer that has ordered them. All while making sure you pick up the trash from people who have finished their meal. There are even moments where the plane that you are on will tilt leading to a little more difficulty in moving the distance of the plane.

The planes do change up from level to level and even have dividing wall which add another form of difficulty in some quick paced scenarios. These level are where you really feel the controls start to get a little too slippery for me. Not to say it was impossible to play the game in anyway but I did notice that the the character you are controlling will sometime feel like they are slipping on ice when trying to make some difficult movements. That being said playing at a normal pace and not getting too far behind on order and pickups will help alleviate that issue.

Gameplay: 9/10 Very fun and light hearted chaotic co-op!

Sound Design: 5/10 Nothing bad, nothing ground breaking. Very deceptively calm.

Graphics: 8/10 Fun, colorful and not overly bright. Does good at getting you to focus on what you need.

Control: 4/10 Felt a little too slippery, but wasn’t enough to ruin my experience.


Overall: 6/10 Shakes on a Plane was a fun time while I was playing and found it very fun with others. Especially while people are still stuck inside its a fun game for you and loved ones, or even if you live with roommates that also like to dabble in games. Be advised though this game will lead to you screaming to “get that milkshake!” at everyone you play with.

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