Happy New Year! From the Frankenculture Team.

As many would have seen on social media or just experienced 2020 a bummer for many, and at Frankenculture though the year has been tough all of you have been amazing! Thank you all for the continued viewership (and listen ship?) On the podcast and vodcast on YouTube, The people that looked forward to articles and posts on social media we appreciate you! 2020 may have been a tough year worldwide but all of you that have tuned into Frankenculture have made it a year to remember in a positive light for us.

We cannot wait to start of 2021 with all the momentum you have given us! We have all of your favorite content planned going straight into the new year. From podcasts, articles & livestreams to things that we dabbled in towards the end of 2020. More of the Frankenculture Game Nights will be coming your way as well as broadening our review content in forms of tech and a couple others. We also are extremely hopeful that we can resume attending conventions and plan to try and meet some of the amazing folks that have supported us thus far. We are extremely excited to show you things we have planned and look forward to another great year with all of you!

Thank you from all of us at Frankenculture!
Happy New Year!

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