Review: Startup Panic (PC)

Want to work from home, sure we all do. Well no you can get a feel for what it’s like with Algo Rocks and Tiny Builds latest game, Startup Panic!

Startup Panic– Reviewed on PC
Available on: Epic Game Store, Mobile Devices
Publisher: Tiny Build Games Developer: Algo Rocks
Released On: December 3rd

In Startup Panic, you create a CEO that’s sick and tired of the corporate grind, so you create your own company. I, of course named my company “Butts”, because I’m a child. Right off you are introduced to a paper clip (James Snipp) that acts as your tutorial leader, and also gives some funny back and forth. You begin setting out to create a website, with a welcome page, and some other feature aspects. As you go through you realize some of your skills aren’t really up to par with what you need to get completed. As you garner more users, and more features for the sites, you get more money from each user. Also you can get money from side gigs, including designing websites, overhauling apps, and creating databases.

Eventually you go from your loft, to a small office, to a medium office and finally a huge office. As you go from office to office you are able to hire more and more staff. Managing moods, skills and motivation adds another level to Startup Panic that I did not expect to enjoy. After completing a long upgrade to the site, it was nothing to send my entire staff on a extended vacation so everyone could come back refreshed, and ready to do some more tech-ing. Training is one of the most important pieces of this, as you want your staff to be able to fully contribute to the point pool which you pull from to complete the project. There are three different skill sets (not including marketing), Aesthetics, Usability, and Tech.

As you go through and add more features to your website, you have different options on what type of site you can focus on, Chat (snap chat), Gaming (twitch), Social (myspace), and Video (Youtube). This comes more into play once investors start knocking on your door. During my play throughs I was approached by a big tobacco chairmen, an ex senator, a (maybe) mafia guy and an actress with the only experience she had in tech was playing a startup ceo in a show. All the while you are trying to make sure the site is up to snuff in order to launch a Electronic Musicians new album. Also, don’t forget, your staff wants to go on vacation, oh, and here are rival CEOs who are trying to get your piece of the pie!

Startup Panic has a lot of going on under the hood. Under the cute design and witty writing is a full rich simulation management game. The difference between failing and success is truly one misstep. Taking too long on fixing a hacked feature or not spending the time and money marketing in new countries, can eliminate your users and market share, rendering you broke! I failed a number of times, but never felt defeated in myself, instead jumping back in to fix my mistakes and creating the greatest video game website Butts could produce!

Gameplay: 8.5/10 Fun, nerve-racking simulation game.

Sound Design: 6.5/10 The soundtrack loops quite a bit, and is on par with spa music.

Graphics: 8/10 Cute design, with interesting character design.

Control: 10/10 Point and click, nothing overly complicated, but it does what you ask.


Overall: 8.25 Must Buy! There is a free demo on the epic game store or buy it straight up for on $15!

Official Website
App Store Page
Epic Store Page
Facebook Page
Twitter Page

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