How To Unlock The Hawkmoon Exotic Handcannon.

Reset day hit Destiny 2 and along with it came the return of the exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon! The Hawkmoon which does not have the same perk from back in Destiny 1, but it does a have a rather interesting set of perk on it. The intrinsic perk is called “Paracausal Shot” and the perk description reads as follows.
Paracausal Shot
“Final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Charge. The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus.”

The description is pretty spot on and tells you exactly what to expect from the handcannon. You have 7 shots to max out the perk and with your final 8th shot you deal a massive amount of damage. I do not have exact multipliers for the damage but I was able to hit a Boss for 53,000 damage in one shot.

Now to get this weapon you will need to start a quest by visiting everyones favorite fallen the Spider for a quest that quest will have you looking for Feathers. You aren’t given the exact location of any of the feathers so here is a quick list for them as well as the rest of the steps for the quest!

  • Feather/Step 1. Outside of Spiders lair sitting on the barrel to your left.
  • Feather/Step 2. Go to the EDZ land on “The Sludge” landing zone and go to the middle building and it will be on the small catwalk that overlooks the gully.
  • Feather/Step 3. Go to the Cosmodrome and land at “The Stepps” spawn in look to your left and jump up on the broken pillar you will see the glow of the feather.
  • Feather 4/Step 4. Land on the Dreaming Cities “Divalian Mists” Head towards the building that houses The Last Wish raid and The Blind Well. Before you go inside look to the left ledge. It’ll be sitting right there for you
  • Feather/Step 5. Land at “Sanctuary” and head towards “Archers Line“. Do not go towards the Hellmouth but instead head into down into the Moon via the doorway in this zone. Continue down the path until you can make a left follow the bath to the “Shrine of Oryx“, and from there when you reach the end of the path you will find yourself in a dome like room with another globe shaped room in the middle go through the globe and the feather will be on the otherside.
  • Step 6. Speak to Crow and he will give you the next quest called “Let Loose Thy Talons
  • Step 1. Complete mission in the EDZ
  • Step 2. Return to Crow
  • Step 3. Generate and Collect 50 orbs of power. I recommend using master worked weapons to get this done faster.
  • Step 4. Return to Crow
  • Step 5. Investigate The Coordinates. Head to the EDZ land in “Trostland” follow the marker
  • Step 6. Feather’s Collected. Gather feathers throughout a small area. The area you progress is linear and if you follow the marker you will walk right into all of the feathers.
  • Step 7. Speak To Crow
  • Step 8. Kill Champion or Gaurdians in Cruible or Gambit. I found runner the 1250 lost sector to be the fastest way to do this. It took me either 10 or 11 lost sectors to finish up this step.
  • Step 9 and 10. Hawkmoon Reforged. These step happen pretty much together and will have you head back to the EDZ and talk to the bird you talked to earlier. After you talk to it you will run through a mission and at the end you will unlock Hawkmoon.

After unlocking the weapon and looking it over you will notice that like said before the intrinsic perk has changed along with the fact that there is a new image in the perks above and it’s called “Transformative” the small description of “future drops of this weapon will have random rolls.” is a little weird because no exotic has had anything random about the perks. So there is still some mystery as to what is fully going on with Hawkmoon.

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