Holiday Gift Guide For Content Creators!

2020 has a been a year where we have been spending long hours at home, and some have taken that time to try out new hobbies. Some people have tried gaming or at least gotten back into it, and some have taken gaming and tried to build something with it. Many more people know aspiring content creators these days and there are tons of gift ideas out there lets try and break down some of the best ideas out there!

Starting content creation means you want to be just that much better than the competition, and there is no better way to start making your content better than having a microphone. Gaming headsets may have them, but the audio a microphone on a headset gives you is not the most amazing. Here are a few standalone microphones that you could get that next big livestreamer you know.

Razer Seiren Mini – $49.99

Though I have had bad experiences with the first Razer Seiren this Razer Seiren Mini is great for a streamer that doesn’t have a massive corner desk, and coming in at only $49.99 though it doesn’t have the most built in features it is a great steal for the audio quality you get!

Elgato Wave:3 – $146.00

The next step up in cost is the Elgato Wave:3 microphone and this has everything that the Razer didn’t have. With built in controls and an app that is downloadable through Razers website that gives you a ton more. Being able to really dial in your audio is amazing and makes it easy to convey what your true voice sounds like in your content.

Shure MV7 – $249.99

Finally the Shure MV7 which is pretty much the baby brother to the beloved Shure SM7B. With a similar design, and a great build this mic has alot to offer, and though this one doesn’t have a massive amount of flashy lights or anything like that it does everything just right to help you get the best sound you can get. Not only is this a USB mic but it is able to accept a XLR cable and be connected to a mixer or audio interface, so if you want a microphone that can go with you until you are ready for a more professional setup I recommend the MV7!

Next thing you want to help out that growing content creator you know is video, and though there are ways to help record like video cards we are gonna talk about cameras. Audiences like to see the person behind the content and what better way than a good camera.

Logitech C920 – Around $113.50

The Logitech C920 webcam has been around for years and there is no question on why. It’s a solid webcam I have personally used one for about 2 years now, and I have to say it is solid. I do have issues with the camera settings resetting after every time I launch the camera, but I have gotten used to redoing my settings. The major drawback to buying this camera in this current day and age is that it is much more expensive than it should be. Asking over $100 for this camera seems to be the norm when just a year ago it was about $60. If you really want to support your future content creator at home this is a solid buy, but if they don’t need or want a camera for their setup then I say there is no issue skipping this.

The other fun part to streaming that most will see is the cool gear you can get to help you with your content creation. From making your room look super bright and colorful to having awesome gadgets that are very helpful.

Elgato Stream Deck / Stream Deck Mini / Stream Deck XL

Elgato hit gold when they created the original Stream Deck! Having a extremely small programmable cluster of buttons is amazing for anything. Changing scenes on stream, making it a sound pad or even just using it for different editing applications. A very helpful device and its also been made in to smaller and larger versions of that original. Each one comes in at a different price and you can find the three different ones for

  • Stream Deck – $149.99
  • Stream Deck Mini – $79.99
  • Stream Deck XL – $249.99

Elgato Capture Cards

Elgato makes some of the more necessary content creation needs. We talked about the Stream Deck but they also make quality capture cards. There is a whole list of them but some are on the more upper end of things. I personally would recommend looking at the Elgato HD60 S which will let you record and live stream your console or second pc gaming. Just hook up the cables the way the instructions tell you too, and you will be on your way to having a whole other avenue or content creation.

These are just a short list of ideas for gifts to buy for streamers that are starting or have been doing this for a short while now. I personally have used all of these products and have nothing but good things to say about all of them, and I think that any streamer would be happy to have new gear to record and stream with. So go out there pick one of these up and help your future Twitch star shine!

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