Review: Warhammer Chaosbane Slayer Edition (XBSX)

Grab your sword, your axe or practice your spells, because we’re jumping into the nextgen world of Warhammer: Chaosbane. The overhead hack and slash title from EKO Software!

Warhammer Chaosbane– Reviewed on X Box Series X
Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Publisher: Games Workshop, Bigben Interactive, Nacon Developer: EKO Software
Released On: May 31, 2019 (initial) November 10, 2020 (Next Gen)

In my gaming career I’ve played plenty of ARPGs few have left a lasting impression like Warhammer: Chaobane. As soon as I received my Xbox Series X I set to download it so I could jump into the nextgen version. This version includes everything released under its different versions and seasonpasses, Tomb Kings, Keela (dwarf Engineer) and the Witch Hunter Class. The last of those being the character I decided to run with, mostly because he looked like a pirate.

I went to work with Jurgen Haider, but right at the start I had an issue. The lack of load times on the Series X meant I went from the beginning cutscenes explaining the game to the next cut scene introducing the Jurgen, meaning I was attacked with about three minutes of cutscenes. Basically you are trying to save the world/ a character named Magus, who saved the world once from the forces of Chaos. There are cultists of Chaos under the kingdom and you must destroy them.

The cultists and the enemies are varied and sometimes downright gross looking. There are large jabba the hutt type looking creatures that slither towards you, unhinging it’s jaw and vomiting poison all over the stage. There are some bosses that are hulking MUTO types with tentacles and large attack radius. Each new level has another amazing enemy, from the small demon characters, to the shaman demons, to the monstrosities, you will never get tired of the bestiary

Gameplay is straightforward and fun. You’re taking on HORDES of enemies at once, we’re talking at least twenty to thirty enemies at once. During a boss battle, the screen was full of enemies and my Witch Hunter was blasting away, cleaning house. As you level up your character will unlock newer or more powerful abilities, as well as eventual “god” powers. You can also donate loot you find throughout each dungeon and unlock passive abilities (although I feel I found this accidently as it wasn’t explained throughout the tutorial). Loot is a huge portion of the game as well, I was always finding different loot of various levels. Some better, most worse and some legendary. There are different sets of armor which when all the armor is one type you get a bonus, as well as looking fly.

My first play through is more to learn the heart and soul of the game, using the Witch Hunter allows you to utilize both melee attacks and ranged attacks. I’m excited to finish up and begin another play through with a new hero to see how it differs and how the story changes. Level design is great, the world seems alive, but also you can barely interact with anyone. The sewers and graveyards are also quite beautiful. Sound design is also great with an amazing score. The voice acting is ok, but nothing worth noting. The replay value is also worth it, as more modes will unlock once you complete the game once. I haven’t even touched the other DLC content or characters, and will slam through them and report back on the Frankenculture podcast!

Gameplay: 9/10 Extremely fun and satisfying.

Sound Design: 7/10 The soundtrack is great, but the voice acting is lacking.

Graphics: 10/10 Character Design is amazing, with more and more disgusting creatures coming at you.

Control: 9/10 Almost perfect, I did feel like something was missing throughout the playthrough.


Overall: 8.75

A great pick up, and I highly recommend you do. Especially with the Slayer Edition for XBSX and PS5.

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