It’s Time To Talk About Destiny’s PVP.

Yesterday I talked about how great the new expansion has been so far and that still holds true. I have loved every minute I have spent playing the game, I have enjoyed leveling up my characters and getting ready for the rest of the new content that is coming out. The new weapons though there is only a few so far, I have had an amazing time with what we have gotten. Like I said it has been a fun time! Then we have the super and that has been amazing in pve (player vs. environment), but that’s the issue.

Destiny as a franchise is a title than many if not most people know as a pve game. You run around shoot aliens and get loot, but that isn’t the only aspect of the game. There is and always has been a thriving pvp community, and that community for a large amount of the time that Destiny has existed has gotten a backseat to many things the major one being balance.

Stasis the new sub-class that players can choose is “the darkness” based super. The super is fun and adds some new things to how you play Destiny. The point and real difference from the other supers and sub-classes is that you freeze your enemies. Almost every single enemy in game can be frozen solid and then shattered, and that brings us to the issue at hand. In Destiny pvp should you be able to so easily freeze other guardians?

Problems are obvious and I think it’s time to talk about how having something that works so perfectly in one half of the game, that almost completly breaks the other half. Destiny’s pvp community is not a small section either, a large portion of fans love “the crucible” and play the game for that aspect. So having something that has almost ruined the mode is tough so what can Bungie do to fix it?

People have already asked for a removal of the new abilites, or to balance them more in line with the other supers, while fans have argued that the supers which are not over powered in the pve portion have stated that making them less effective would ruin them for pve content. Bungie has gotten themselves into a very sticky situation, and need to figure out how to make this new super new super viable in the new sandbox. A nerf to the super off the bat could ruin them for pve content, and no balance to them at all means they will continue to leave as icy wake of destruction behind them in pvp.

Why not separate the sandbox? Bungie has stated in previous instances that they can’t completely separate the sandboxes for pve and pvp but it doesn’t seem impossible, and seems like it should be the obvious choice on what they should do. Bring balance to both sides of the game, open up how the game can feel on both ends, and bring happiness to both sides of the coin. Crucible players have been very displeased for the past year or so, with the prestiged game mode Trials of Osiris making a return, and then feeling completely half baked, and then having the whole mode destroyed by continues hackers and cheaters. Pvp players have had a hard few years with Destiny, and having a new super ruin a new season for them could be a dealbreaker. I think it’s time for Bungie to step up and make some changes or have a bit more transparency on what is going to happen.

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