Over A Day In To Beyond Light. What is It Like?

Yesterday was the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and many people wanted to see what Bungie could for the next big expansion. Fan and non fans of the game have been waiting for months now too see what it was like, and after Bungie had delayed the release by about a month some were worried.

I am happy to say that after a few days of series play there is no need to worry. Beyond Light is a fantastic addition to the game. Though we lost destination from the previous 2 years of Destiny 2 it doesn’t feel like “oh no I can’t do this one thing.” at all. The story did a great job at explaining why things have gone away, and has you ready for what happens in the Beyond Light Campaign.

The Campaign which if you aren’t someone trying to blaze right through is a healthy six and a half hours of gameplay, and if you wanted to actually explore and do side missions or even hunt for collectables I could see it lasting you in the 10 to 11 hour mark. The story is fun with good amounts of dialogue and cutscenes that really pull you into what is going on.

Learning to wield the dark and see what it can do to those who aren’t able to control this power. It really shows you what good and bad can happen to those who have ungodly amounts of power. It even hits on very strong notes of society and leadership. Should you do things for the better of people? Or should someone do something better for themselves? The story is amazing and I recommend the campaign to anyone!

Lastly the new super stasis! I have only played on the warlock super dubbed Shadebinder and I thoroughly enjoy it. Movement, abilities and the actual super are fun and feel just a bit different than anything I have used before as a warlock main (that’s right! warlock best class!) I have gotten to see the new hunter one a little bit and I personally think it looks like it will by far be the best one out of the three.

All in all Beyond Light has been an amazing ride so far, and I really think that it will end up being a great year for Destiny 2 as a whole. With so much content that has already come out, and we still haven’t even gotten our seasonal event yet! Look our for up coming review on more new in game content, and If you want to see some of it played out live or want to ask questions head over to my channel on Twitch where I am live with it right now!

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