Review: Strobophagia | Rave Horror.

I know that Halloween has come and passed, but that doesn’t mean that your love for horror has to as well. Not to mention everybody loves the sound of pounding bass as we get into the 2nd gear of the holidays!

Welcome to Strobophagia | Rave Horror – PC
Available on: Steam
Produced & Developed: Green Tile Digital
Released On: Oct. 28th 2020
Price: $19.99

In this indie title you are invited to a festival the “Headless Festival”, and you aren’t really given a reason as to why you have been invited to this show. After starting the game and picking up the most valuable asset you are given which is a phone, you begin to realize that this isn’t a normal party event. Things take a dark turn pretty quick and you begin what will be the rest of the game.

Strobophagia is an adventure and puzzle solving game that keeps your brain going pretty much throughout the experience. Not only it a puzzle game in the traditional sense which of course is things like solving riddle, and moving characters around to form occult symbols. You also have your trusty phone I mentioned earlier which is what kind of tells you were to go. You are never given a clear cut path towards your next destination, which I really enjoyed as it really push for a bit of exploration. In the dark of night and in the middle of the woods with pounding bass all around you, I really thought that it added something really well to the game.

I talked about being in a dark forest and I want to say the way that Green Tile Games designed the pretty much completely dark forest, in contrast to the neon signs, lasers & glow sticks was amazing. You really feel like “whoa I am in complete darkness” unless you turn back towards the rave, or bring a long a short lasting glow stick. The looks are amazing and I had a few times where I was very appreciative of how it looked, but when you think of raves you dont only think about looks. What about the music?

Well I have a love and hate relationship with it. I loved the music that is in this game and I honestly have nothing bad to say about the actual in game music, but I do wish that maybe there were more tracks. However like I said the music that you get in Strobophagia is great! You get that heavy bass that everyone loves, and you get the sense of party from everything going on with it. I just found towards the end I wish there would have been maybe one or two more songs. The reason I want so few is cause the game in total length could probably be crunched into about two and a half hours. I took quite some time hanging out and listen to music and trying to explore a lot, but some won’t do that. So it isn’t a long game but it is a very fun and environmental experience.

I think that anyone that really likes horror and edm music would love this title, it isn’t overly difficult, and has a very interesting story once you get into it. The colors are done well and the music will have you bobbing your head up and down everytime you hear it.

Gameplay: 8/10 Very fun! Loved the small hints towards where you have to go & not having my handheld the whole time.

Sound Design: 10/10 I love music! This one happened to have few tracks but all of the ones that are in the game are amazing.

Graphics: 7/10 This game isn’t going to be on your radar for the graphics, but the game does look amazing.

Control: 5/10 Only dropping the score here because I felt like I was skating around when I would turn too sharp or make abrupt movements.


Overall: 9.0

Though this isn’t a perfect game by any means and I had control issues. I loved it! The music , scenery, story all of it was done amazing and had me wanting more. I implore anyone that is interested in the horror genre that loves heavy edm to give this game a crack!

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