Review: Cartel tycoon

Cartel Tycoon is a new city builder/strategy game currently in demo from the developer Moon Moose and published by Tiny Build a Seattle based indie developer with a deep catalog of games that are published across all major gaming platforms except Stadia… sorry Stadia, maybe one day. Cartel Tycoon while in demo is currently free to play with no specific release date but you can expect the full version in early 2021.

Cartel Tycoons demo mode is promising, the game looks good, the sound track and game audio is enjoyable with you average city builder feel but you’re a drug kingpin trying to grow and expand your drug business. keeping track of buildings, upgrading your compounds and distribution lines along with laundering your dirty money to make it clean money to help keep your legitimate business ventures going. Moon Moose even added some story lines to the game to help you get more invested that just clicking around with having to fend off the cops, the military and opposing cartels.

My only issue with the game was the confusing tutorial, when you start the game you’re given a handful of small easy to accomplish tasks that introduce you to the game but that’s where it ends. The game will ask you something like build a warehouse and then not tell you how to build the warehouse and you’re forced to click around the screen until you find that option. Otherwise the developers are doing a solid job with the overall gameplay.

Overall if you’re a fan of city builders then I say download and try Cartel Tycoon. Moon Moose gives you plenty in the demo to try and experience while they finish the rest of the game, keep an eye out on their steam page for a more accurate release dates.

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