Review: Clea For The Switch.

Clea is a side scrolling survival horror game that is an actual good time. Giving you a real feeling of suspense, and even making you a bit anxious of things to come as you move along.

Clea is your main and playable character and your little brother follows you throughout the game, and the point of the game is to find an escape from the Whitlock Mansion. Your main enemies are called Chaos Servents, the enemies vary it types and attacks. Mainly they are all enemies that you run or hide from with some kind of light defense sprinkled in. Main forms of defense come from turning to face a certain monster that only attacks when you aren’t looking, and others are using a specific item to make enemies run from you. Both are well done and make for a good experience while not making you feel like you are completely helpless or defenseless.

When it comes to gameplay other than fighting and hiding there are other things that come up that I can talk about. There are some puzzles sprinkled in that are done very well. As well as trying to keep up with your inventory, you will need to combine items to make keys that lead to you being able to progress through the levels. All together the game feels very cohesive and feels well put together. Nothing in the game managed to feel burdensome, or got to a point where I felt like I had been doing this the whole time. One specific pain I had was that when you open a door there is a small animation of the door opening and you can be hit in that window. With one shotting enemies being in the rooms with you I found that not great, but it was something I was able to adapt to.

Clea Review (Switch) - Hey Poor Player

Finally I want to bring up the games looks and sound. Clea is a beautiful side scroller and I loved the eerie factor to each hallway and room. I feel like it really had it’s own charm, and made for a good viewing experience. I did feel that the game looked better played on a TV, then it did in handheld mode but in handheld you can use headphones for the sound. Sound which is probably the most important factor to this game! I loved how much you have to kind of rely on your sense of sound, if you are hiding you have to listen for which way the monsters have gone (or are coming from). Going down hallways you hear certain sound prompts to kind of warn you what is going on, and just works really well on the game.

Gameplay: 6/10 Solid! Doesn’t ask you to do too much, and also does more than enough to keep you wanting to play more.

Sound Design: 8/10 Sound just does so much for the gameplay that I have to give it a highscore.

Graphics: 7/10 The game isn’t trying to be the next best looking video game, but has a great charm to it. Good 2D art style is always gets a good score from me.

Control: 9/10 I did mention that getting stuck in door animations sucks, but that was literally the only gripe I could find on it. Controls are super responsive and I didn’t have an issue with rushed inputs or anything of the sort. Well done and very solid.


Overall: 7.5

For what it is Clea is a great all around horror game and an amazing starting point for someone that wants to get into the genre. Nothing too scary and nothing boring, just a good time to hangout and get a little spooked.

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