Review: Zelter

First big thanks to the team over at G1 Playground for sending team Frankenculture a steamcode for their early access, zombie infested, survival crafting game titled Zelter. G1 Playgrounds current game Zelter is an old school pixelated art style game where gathering resources to craft and build up your shelter in an effort to protect yourself and survive a Zombie apocalypses.

As most survival games start a player, you’re thrown into the map with nothing but a pistol with a few rounds of ammunition, a tablet that shows the players crafting tree and what items you’ll need to gather to expand your crafting abilities and a couple zombies near by to get yourself introduced to the fighting mechanics. After quickly dispatching the closest zombies you can immediately start gathering the near by supplies or start exploring the map looking for the other computer AI survivors to help build up a new colony and survive together. As you play you’ll need to make sure to keep food and find drink as the game has a hunger/thirst mechanic as well as an exhaustion bar so you’ll need to make sure to find a place to sleep or craft a bed to replenish stamina during your play time.

I personally only had a couple issues with Zelter. One being as you start crafting things you couldn’t move around the map or it would cancel what you’re making, I much prefer being able to start crafting items and immediately go back to gathering supplies to craft even more items. The other issue was the amount of zombies you tend to run into as you explore. I felt like I couldn’t accomplish much as I was constantly having to craft more ammo for my weapons as I moved around the map because I was constantly engaging the Zombies spawned around the map which made exploration difficult.

The aspects of Zelter that I enjoyed the most were the art style, the retro pixelated style is always nice to see when done properly and G1 Playground nailed the style, the sounds of the game are fun and done well and the shooting and fighting mechanics were easy to use which is good considering the fore mentioned issue of way to many zombies in the game, you’re going to get to shoot a lot of zombies so its good the controls aren’t difficult. Lastly the price point of the game is awesome, at a $19.99 the price point for Zelter is awesome as I feel you get a lot of game for what G1 Playground are charging.

Overall I found Zelter to be an enjoyable game that even with the issues I personally had I still had fun playing and am looking forward to enjoying playing as the game goes through early access to eventual full release.

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