Review: Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Monster Prom was released in 2018 and garnered high praise from reviewers and streamers alike. A Dating Sim featuring a monster theme, set in a high school where you’re trying to get a date to prom (and hook up). Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp released on October 23rd, 2020. Chillingly close to Halloween and right when the world needed a monster dating sim. Did it deliver, or was this a camp outing suitable for Jason Voorhees?

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp- Steam
Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Publisher: Beautiful Glitch
Released: October 23, 2020
MSRP: $11.99

I had always heard great things about Monster Prom, and while Dating Sims are not my forte, I really wanted to give the second one a try. You start off picking your character, one of 4, who’s named a random color. Blue, a Frankensteins Bride type, Green, a Zombie, Red, a flame headed demon perhaps, and yellow, a shadow…diglet type? I’m sure I’m supposed to know what yellow is, but I have either let down my horror roots, or its something I have long forgotten. I of course went with yellow, naming him DIGLET BAYBE, and perusing the other creatures I will try to have a summer fling with. Aaravi, a cursed monster hunter, Calculester Hewlett-Packard, a computer that has gained human emotions, Dahlia, a muscular blue demon, Damien, a whiney red demon, Joy, a coven leader who is looking for some down time, and Milo, death itself who has become a social media influencer. Some of the character are gender fluid, an I feel like none of them fall into the “social norms” of gender. Dahlia (who I would try to have a summer fling with) is a ripped female demon, who is all about scout badges, working out, and killing all the other seasons so summer rules forever. Milo is the grim reaper but is completely nonbinary, making it easier to fall into the role of trying to hook up.

As you start you fill your backpack with three items, each giving you a different buff to a different stat: Smarts, boldness, creativity, charm and fun. Each of those stats will affect how you proceed through the game. After you choose your items, you pick a prompt that will assign you a creature to try and get to bang and then it’s off to camp. You start the day by picking one of five locations, each generate another buff for you as well. I try to stay well rounded, as you never know what’s going to creep up on your, so visiting each location was a must. You pick a locale, go through some amazing writing, and then the courting follows. You’re fling interest will show up and will need your advice or help. Picking an answer that correlates with a stat you have that’s high, will pass the check, and usually garner you more buffs for your stats. Failing the check, takes more points from your stats.

That’s the crux of the game, and again, Dating Sims were never really my genre. You do however find yourself having fun. The writing is absolutely amazing and full of humor, at one point Dahlia is screaming into a megaphone about the horrors of pollution, as she is trying to obtain her “noise pollution” scout badge. While streaming this, I couldn’t help but to laugh through the dialog, and remind anybody watching that all of her comments were true. You can go through two modes, a quick and normal mode (30 mins playtime and 60 mins playtime). I chose the 30 mins to start off with and completely failed almost every speech check and had no idea what I was doing. It didn’t matter though, I was having a good time and enjoying the art style and writing.

In the end I did end up getting Dahlia to be my summer fling, and I also seemingly unlocked a secret ending. The two bad things I would have to point out are really simple. The lack of a tutorial and lack of trading cards on steam. I literally tried so hard to hook up with Dahlia, and after the hour and half of trying I had succeeded and half expected a pop up with an achievement. The game touts over 20 endings, and while there is a meter in game to tell you how many you’ve unlocked, a little steam trading card would have been great. Aside from that, I feel like Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is as perfect as a dating sim, let alone a game, could be. Funny witty writing, inclusion to all genders, and the chance to bang a demon.

Gameplay: 8.5/10 Narrative drive dating sim, without much skill needed

Sound Design: 8.5/10 The soundtrack is complete with some sick lofi music, and the sprinkled in romantic interests sound bytes are welcome

Graphics: 10/10 The artwork is absolutely stunning. The character design is sleek and sexy for everyone involved (I’m looking at you mothman)

Control: NA


Overall: 9.0

Monster Camp is a perfect Dating Sim. The art style lures players in and the writing keeps them there. Infinitely funny and interesting, as well as the over 20+ endings, 350 events and again, sexy mothman. Make sure to pick it up on STEAM

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