Destiny 2 Story Trailer Reveal!

Today Bungie released the story trailer for the upcoming expansion Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The trailer shows Eramis the Kell (leader) of House Darkness giving a speech to her house. Getting them ready to take on the powers of stasis. We also get to see our two old friends Variks & the Exo Stranger again, and Variks seems to need our help with something. It also seems that we will be hearing our guardian talk again which we haven’t heard in quite some time now!

There are reasons to believe that this expansion could be one that is in the same conversation with the likes of Forsaken & The Taken King. Many fans would greatly appreciate that (including myself). I am excited to see where this story takes us as I have always enjoyed the lore behind the Fallen and seeing them get abilities that are sort of like the guardians of Earth is awesome!

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is releasing on November 10th on Xbox One, PC & PS4!

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