This new uninterruptible power supply is coming out, and gamers should be on the lookout for it.

Schneider Electric has cooked up a amazing little piece of tech that many could use. The new APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS is a new uninterruptible power supply, that promises to protect a gamers essential gear. Console’s, TV’s, PC’s, Routers & Modems this little stylish beauty is there to keep all your gamer gear safe.

With an easy to read “glanceable” interface it is easy to keep yourself up to date on what kind of power the UPS has for you. In case of any kind of unexpected electrical issue, from power outages to power surges the fact that this little guy can keep you running for a fair bit of time after. Saving many gamers from bans, data corruption, or even frying a motherboard. Not only will the Pro Gaming UPS be an amazing piece of kit for any battle station, it will also be able to look great in your setup. In two color waves and with twelve programmable RPG LED’s you can make this thing look like it belongs right in the middle of the setup.

Key features of the Gaming UPS are.

  • Reactor Circle: When the gaming UPS is on backup power, reactor circle will tick down to show how much time left on device.
  • 160 Degree Slant: APC made looking at display easy by tilting it 160 degrees, making it easy to see from every angle.
  • Functional Lighting: Pulsing lights on the Gaming UPS show any form of power anomaly (surges, dips, and wiring faults)
  • Custom Look: Like stated before the Gaming UPS comes with 12 customizable LEDS, and is available in 2 color waves.

The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS will be available in North America on October 21st, and is currently available for pre-order nationwide and online for $259.99 at Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo. Best Buy and Microcenter will be putting up pre-orders in the near future.

Credit Schneider Electric for all images.

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