Destiny 2 News! Deej Leaving bungie, Raid Date released & changes coming to next gen!

Yesterday Bungie released their weekly “This Week at Bungie” post and there were quite some telling bits of info in it. Firstly the leaving of long time community manager Deej. A beloved member of the Bungie team announced he will be moving on from the team. With one final post on the TWAB and a tweet that he also sent out.

The departure of DeeJ is sad to see and leaves a rather large hole in the community, but everyone seems to wish him the best in all his future endeavours.

When it comes to the next generation consoles though, coming on December 8. Bungie will be sending out a patch that will take Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X & Playstation 5 up to 4K, 60 FPS. Along with FOV sliders to bring console gaming even more along the lines of PC gaming.

Another cool feature coming with this update will be the implementation of Cross-Generation Play. Making it possible to play from Xbox Series X and Series S to Xbox one, and the same will go for PS4 to PS5. With the availability to upgrade your game to the next console as well.

Lastly the announcement that Destiny 2’s new raid & worlds first raid race will be on November 21st at 10 a.m. pacific! A contest mode will be active for the race which will set players back a whooping 20 power below each encounter. As well as stating that a power of 1230 will be the goal going in for teams going in. So mark your calendars and take the day off to be ready for the next big moment in Destiny. Make sure to go check out the full post right here!

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