Tech Announcement: Nacons new xbox accessories unveiled.

Nacon a major designer and distributor of video games and gaming accessories, has proudly revealed the new products that they have planned for the Xbox. One of them being the MG-X Series which is an awesome controller type accessory that goes around your Android device.

The MG-x Series is meant to give you an optimal gaming experience on your mobile device. Being able to accomodate and Android device that is up to 6.7 inches. The MG-X controller will also connect to your smartphone wirelessly with BlueTooth 4.2, and this controller can last up to 20 hours of gametime thanks to a built in rechargeable battery. The above pictured design is a more compact design, the more traditional looking controller shape is called the MG-X Pro and provides gamers that more Xbox feeling controller. The MG-X series is meant to enhance the experience you get when playing with Game Pass on your mobile device.

We aren’t stopping at the MG-X Series we also have new for you about the new Revolution X which is a fully customizable and optimized controller for competitive gaming. Not only does the new Revolution X work on Xbox it will also work on PC, and will also feature full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights. Setting this controller up to handle the most demanding of gamers our there. All of NACONS full expertise in professional controller has gone into designing the Revolution X.

Not only is there a Revolution X there is also a Revolution Pro Compact. Which boasts comfort tailored for many sizes of hands, and tons of customization that gamers will love. You will be able to enjoy the all the classic features of the Xbox Wireless Controller. A choice between standard game mode and advanced game mode can be made in the dedicated app, which is available for consoles and PC. The Pro Compact has tons of versatility and accessibility with all of the settings that can be changed. Fro programmable buttons as well as stick and trigger sensitivity the controller seeks to be the best in comfort and customization.

The MG-X and Revolution X and Pro Compact controllers will be available in early 2021, and look to be some killer controllers coming on to the market.

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