X-Play and G4 making a comeback?

For those who don’t know G4 was one of the most influential video game/tech channel is the early 2000’s. Shows like X-play, Attack of the Show, Portal and Filter introduced us to people like Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, Geoff Keighley and Chris Gore. It was amazing time to be alive, and while the channel evolved to airing reruns of Cops and other non video game centric content, the channel is still (for the most part) fondly remembered.

Which leads us to today. Around noon PT, like someone flipped a switch in the quite Wonka factory, @xplay @aots and @g4tv all tweet the below clip.

What does this announcement mean? In what form is G4 coming back? A trip to g4tv.com brings you to a game of pong, where if you score 4 points, you win, and get to give your info to their corporate marketing, Phil. Go ahead a lose a few times to receive some funny one liners as well. We’ll keep following this story as it progresses, so keep an eye on Frankenculture.

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