Xbox Game Showcase Review!

I just got done watching Xbox’s game showcase! With many titles and trailers being shown, some good and some bad lets take a quick look at the games that got put on display today.

In normal Xbox fashion we got a look at Halo! Master Chief was on display shooting through everything that got in his way, and the world looked great while he was doing it. Halo Infinite had amazing sound, and gameplay looked amazing and should be coming out Holiday 2020! Touted to have the “freedom to explore” the large world that this game is set in, it does sound like it is going to be a good time.

We got a very quick teaser or State of Decay 3! The second game which only game out a few years ago was fun, and many enjoyed it so should be a good time for fans of the series.

Forza as always made an appearance! Looking as stunning as always with beautiful lighting! Each car looking as real as you could get, and the sound design again sounds like you are right on the track! A title that was announced today was a new game by Rare called Everwild! There wasn’t too much said about this one, but it has an amazing art style and what looks to be a great story!

Tell Me Why is a new interactive story game. It seemed to be very much like Xbox’s take on Life is Strange, and will have the first chapter out to play on August 27th!

Obsidian showed of the strength of their team with 3 trailers! One of them being a DLC for Outerworlds called Peril on Gorgon! The next one they came out with was a little odd, but looked like it’s going to be a good time. The title is Grounded which will be available on July 28th looks like a fun take of the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I did notice base building and alot of survival style games elements so I would say its going to be something along the lines or ARK or Minecraft. Lastly they gave a small CG teaser trailer for a new RPG the team has been working on named Avowed. I don’t have too much to say about this other than the CG looked great, but there was no gameplay or anything so I have nothing about the game to decide on.

Psychonauts 2 was also shown off for everyone too see, and that trailer was great. It also had a lovely song sung over it by Jack Black and looks like it is going to be a fun time!

Other games that we got a look at were all here listed below!

These were all listed towards the end of the show or the new Xbox Series X. All touted to have better graphics and frame rate. At the very end of the show though we got a preview for a very beloved game….. Fable!

To sum up everything I say there are a couple game that I am excited by, and trailers that made get extremely hype. Destiny 2 Beyond Lights trailer was great, and something that I am extremely excited for! Grounded looks like a fun silly game to play with friends, and then Everwild looks very interesting. I personally cannot wait for the game The Medium which has a very unique dual reality idea that I want to play through. Other titles didn’t have me as interested but they were still fun to watch trailers for!

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