Bungie Delays Release Date For Destiny 2 Beyond Light!

Today Bungie announced that the release date for the new Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light will be pushed back. With a post on there Twitter stating.

Working through a pandemic hasn’t been easy, but we’re passionate about what we’re making, and can’t wait to take you on a new adventure in November.

This news for some is sad and dissapointing, and for others it’s a reason to be optimistic about what Bungie has planned moving forward with the title. The new launch date for Destiny 2 Beyond Light is now November 10th! The crazy part is they will now be in direct competition with other very many high profile releases. Probably the biggest game that will be releasing around the same time is actually Cyberpunk 2077 which will be launching on November 19th! With other games launching at this time and the new generation of consoles it should be interesting to see how well Bungie does this November!

I look forward to seeing what comes out this November, and I stand with the idea that a delayed game is better than a rushed games. So I am very optimistic of what content will be in Destiny 2!

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