Devolver Direct 2020- THE FUTURE

Devolver came at us with another amazing direct this year, even with the cancellation of E3! These directs are aways insane with a lot of thought and effort behind them. Watch the direct below, and then our thoughts after the video!

Shadow Warrior 3- I’m not overly familar with Shadow Warrior 1 or 2, but this game seems like some fun FPS action. ETA- 2021

Fall Guys- Cute interesting multiplayer battle royale meets Wipe Out. This will definetly be a must play when it comes out August 4th!

I’m really down for Carrion. The graphics, the stealth aspect and the ability to take over “enemies” seems incredibly fun and fresh. Plus it’s coming to Game Pass on July 23!

Olija- 8bit open world ninja themed game. The demo is out now on Steam so we’ll have some more thoughts on this soon!

Serious Sam 4- Sam is back in his glorious FPS self, but this time it’s a prequel to find out why Serious Sam is so serious. ETA 2021

Devolverland Expo- Probably one of the most interesting commercial games I’ve seen so far. An FPS where you’re touring a shut down convention center to check out all of the games mentioned before, but with secret areas and guns? Out now and free to play!

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