Twitch, Facebook and YouTube Won’t be The Only Places For Streamers Anymore!

Last week Mixer announced they were closing their doors, and pushing all visitors to Facebook Gaming. Since this announcement a few new faces have popped up around the streaming neighborhood. Some completely coming out of nowhere, and others coming from massive companies. Streamers are going to have a massive amount of choice!

With new names like Trovo and Brime coming out “soon” it is safe to say that streamers will have options on where they would like to grow their communities.

Trovo which is a streaming platform funded by the goliath company Tencent, already has a “beta” streaming site operational. From the looks of it the platform seems like a more dated version of Twitch which runs rather smooth. For many veteran Twitch viewers something may seem a little weird though. Mobile games have a strong hold on the front page of Trovo, most likely coming from the fact that Tencent is a publisher/developer for many popular mobile games. Titles like PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile have been published or developed by the company, and you will see alot of backing for these titles on Trovo. That however doesn’t take anything away from the platform itself.

Many games are able to be viewed on Trovo and the platform also carries over very similar ideas to what Twitch currently has. A currency called “elixer” on it is very reminiscent of Twitch’s “bits”, and can be bought in almost exactly the same packages. The most notable of all differences you can find however is the viewership numbers. Viewers just aren’t as abundant as they are on Twitch, and that is to be expected with a new platform. Especially one that most are only recently finding out about. Trovo looks to have some sort of promise, but over the weekend another platform was able to generate even more buzz than Trovo.

Brime which is currently a “code name” judging by the company Twitter account is brand spanking new! Only popping onto the scene over the past 4 days, and has already been able to gather over 87,000 followers over Twitter in just a few days. They do not have a site currently and many are watching the Twitter account like a hawk. Especially after the Brime twitter account also held a Q&A, and though the early stages of the Q&A were handle a little awkwardly they did manage to hand out some answers to question that were being asked!

So far over the past week new platforms seem to have been coming out of everywhere! While Twitch may start to see some negatives to this it is definitely not an issue for streamers. Streamers will now have the most choice they have had in what seems like forever, and that should be an issue that no one is upset with!

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