Review: Aqua Lungers for Nintendo Switch

Far too long, couch co-op has taken a back seat to online multiplayer and single player games. Far too long working with, or against your friend within smacking range has been non existent and I’ve had to listen to Levi and Stackhouse talk crap from miles away over a headset. Luckily for us, WarpedCore Studio decided to release Aqua Lungers, a couch co-op diving game.

At first glimpse you might not know what to expect from Aqua Lungers. It’s an intense 1-4 player treasure hunting game. You, by yourself or with a team are playing against a monster, and or other players, in a race to loot the treasure of sunken or abandoned ships. Sometimes it’s as simple as diving down and avoiding the monster or opponents, other time it’s traversing the entire level, gathering treasure and traversing back while a giant damn turtle keeps biting at your ankles.

I actually had my wife join in and play this with me to get the real experience. We were a team, and after figuring out the controls and we were off to the races, or treasure, in this case. Each level is beautifully rendered, and the enemies are striking and engaging. Working with your friend next to you allows for easy planning during the runs (you will sometimes find yourself offering yourself as tribute so they other can make it to the safe where you drop your treasure).

Sometimes you run into trouble, the boss monster of each level, has multiple one hit kill moves, and it’s maddening sometimes. There isn’t a health bar (although it took multiple levels to realize the boss monster was collecting gold and his count was in the middle top part of the screen.). One level had us playing for over half an hour trying to traverse the obstacles, dealing with an enemy that slows you down, and traps. All while trying to re-collect your gold that drops when you get hit. Sometimes using the ladders that are in the game is impossible, as you take so much time getting up it, or once you do wacky physics kick in and you can’t stay on the platform you needed to. This is sometimes the down fall of Aqua Lungers, the overwhelming understanding that your attacks don’t do anything worth the time it takes to kill an enemy. After each 3 levels, you have to kill the monster that has been causing you all of the headaches.

Aqua Lungers

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Graphics- 4/5

Gameplay- 3/5

Control- 2/5

Overall- 3.5/5

Aqua Lungers is worth the play, as the developer continues to release updates and patches throughout. Lots of fun with a group although sometimes maddening!

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