E3 Reportedly Canceled!

This morning when I posted about E3 I would of never guessed that rumors of the convention’s cancellation would be pouring out tonight. All across the internet you will find reports that E3 2020 is going to be canceled.

With reports coming in from sources very close to others saying that an official announcement will come very soon. All over the place reports from well respected members of the gaming, and tech industries are saying E3 is done for the year.

Some are even reporting that they have confirmation saying that the show is canceled. Thought I cannot confirm any official announcement stating that the show is called off for the year, I am lead to believe that E3 is not going to be showing anything this year.

Late last month the ESA did state that they had some concerns about the coronavirus spread. If this is the reason for the massive shock then we have to be understanding of it. Multiple worldwide events have been postponed and or canceled due to this issue. With even professional sports teams even disallowing reporters from entering team locker rooms for questions prior to or before games. This is a huge possibility for the news tonight.

Along with that assumption the spread of the infamous coronavirus, the lack of some big names and multiple dropouts of this year’s E3 could have been the nail in the coffin for this year’s event.

Currently, there is no actual statement from the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) that says that the convention is being canceled, but with many reports and even attending developers stating to “cancel your E3 flights and hotels y’all” it is not looking good for a gaming convention that has not missed a year since 1996. We’ll keep you up to date on any official announcement from the ESA about E3 2020.

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