We Played On Point at LVL Up Expo!

We got hands on with the new light gun hybrid game On Point!

One of the coolest experiences at LVL Up Expo this year, was getting hands on with On Point! On Point is a new light gun hybrid that incorporates BBs into the shooting experience. Previously only seeing clips on the internet and other platforms our excitement was high. We obviously weren’t the only ones hyped about it, as the line stretched pretty far into the show.

The game itself is incredibly fun. The gun feels solid and intuitive, when you press the trigger, it goes. The BBs register amazingly, where you point is where it goes and what you hit. The only bad thing we found is the game is a little too fast, but in terms of an arcade game, we get it! The cabinet will have 4 multiplayer and 4 single player games. The game we tested out is what On Point is launching as their Esports initiative “Score Attack”, where you are walking through a warehouse and aiming at classic body style targets. Your first inclination is to go for the high score on each one, but you can actually build up a high score using combos and speed!

We absolutely loved On Point, and can’t wait until it’s in arcades around the US! Keep your eyes peeled here for more coverage of On Point and everything else from the show!

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