Trailer Town 11.30.19 The Stuffing Isn’t The Only Heavy Thing

Hello everybody! Each and every week we gather the newly released trailers, scrap them into one spot for your viewing pleasure! This week was the week of heavy subject matter it seems. Take a look and as always, hit us in the comments with your thoughts!

We start off with “True History of the Kelly Gang”, which seems to be a wild, hallucination of a western.

True History of the Kelly Gang comes out Jan 16th 2020

Next up we have a true story about a psychological experiment done with three schizophrenics who all believe they are Jesus. “Three Christs” features Walter Goggins, Peter Dinklage and Richard Gere.

“Three Christs” comes out in theaters and VOD Jan 10th.

Next up we have a Washington DC Drama, “The Last Full Measure”. The Winter Solider himself, Sebastian Stan is and investigator set with finding out why a deceased soldier never received the Medal of Honor. Not everything is as it seems and he digs further into the story. It also features Samuel L Jackson, William Hurt and Christopher Plummer.

“The Last Full Measure” releases Jan 24th 2020.

B-B-B-B-B-B-BONUS!! Last week we missed the trailer for the reboot of “Call of the Wild” featuring Harrison Ford. “Buck” the dog looks completely CGI, which is an interesting way to go.

“Call of the Wild” comes out Feb 21 2020

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