A Week In Trailer Town 11.23.19

Here we are again in the amazing Trailer Town, where we bring you the hottest trailers and all the trailers from the week!

Let’s get right into it with the teaser trailer for “Antebellum”.

Some chilling odd things are happening, where time seems to be tearing at it’s seams. Whatever “it” is that chooses you seems pretty damn scary. “Antebellum” is scheduled for an April 24th 2020 release.

Next up we have something not scary at all. The Broadway sensation turn Hollywood holiday tent pole, “CATS”.

Cancel that, it still looks absolutely terrifying. If you want to put yourself through it, “CATS” will be in theaters Christmas Day.

Finally, we get a trailer for the new Ben Affleck film “The Way Back”. He plays a addict that has lost everything do to booze. He’s coaching a basketball team that hasn’t won anything since Ben played on the team.

It looks pretty good, and Ben seems to be letting his acting chops show.

What do you guys think about this weeks of trailers? Anything worth while?

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