REVIEW: Spider-Man: Far From Home (spoiler free)



Peter Parker has come from nowhere, fought toe to toe with Captain America, fought along side Captain America, disappeared, re-appeared, defeated a Vulture and a Mad Titan.  Now, all he wants to do, is go on a vacation.  As most super heroes find out, it’s never quite that simple.



“Far From Home”  starts with an introduction to a new hero, Mysterio!  He flies in and starts attacking, what we will find out, is called an Elemental, as Nick Fury and Maria Hill look on.  It’s an amazing introduction to a new character and you are immediately drawn to not only Mysterio, but to Jake Gyllenhaal.  Through out the entire movie Jake is giving an amazing performance.


Jake isn’t the only amazing performer, as Peters classmates kill it.  Zendaya as Peters love interest and all around weirdo Mary Jane, Jake Batalon as his BFF Ned and Angourie Rice (who also killed it in Black Mirror this season)  as Betty Brant.  Each plays their respective rolls perfectly and they add so much more dimension to the movie.  Martin Starr and JB Smoove (who i usually hate) also deliver as the chaperones of this doomed trip.



The aforementioned Elementals are gorgeous.  We get a good look at the Water and Fire Elementals and the threat feels incredibly real.  The destruction and special effects never feel overly fake (aside from a portion of the film where Spider-Man trips out).


Tom Holland is amazing (no pun intended) as Spider-Man.  The thread of filling Tony Starks iron boots, being a highschooler, falling in love and saving the world is palpable throughout the film.  He is a teen with the weight of the world on his shoulders and you can see it in his face.  He’s questioning every move and you really start to empathize with him.

The negative:  If you are familiar with the comics or cartoon, you find yourself waiting for it, so you never really settle in and enjoy.  The time line post resnap is annoying as well.  I’m trying to understand as we go along, some characters are older but some aren’t but what year is it even supposed to be?

All in all, “Far From Home” delivers on what we needed in a post “End Game” world.  It has tons of heart, and while tons of fun, it kills it in the danger aspect.  The Elementals and other villains are absolutely spectacular as well as the locations.  If you were on the fence, don’t be, and get your ass to the theater!

“Spider-Man: Far From Home”: 8/10


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