Thanks PlayStation!

A few days back when I was looking up the free games that will be given to console subscribers for both Xbox and PlayStation members in the month of July I remember giving a huge meh, usually the free games offered aren’t much to shake a fist at but then again free is free. det

Then waking this morning reading a post from Sony on their PlayStation blog they stated they’re swapping out Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for Detroit: Become Human the Digital Deluxe Edition which if you’re a soccer fan could be lame but if you’re a video game fan is awesome because the digital deluxe edition also includes Heavy Rain so that’s like getting an extra free game from Sony this month.maxresdefault (1)

Sony hasn’t stated why the swap of games comes at such a last minute decision but overall I don’t think many will complain knowing that the game they’re getting is two games in one and if you’re a fan of story driven games where your actions help determine the outcome then you’re super excited.

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