What’s Spinning Me #25: Motionless In White

Welcome back, y’all to a new issue of What’s Spinning Me and today’s issue is on Motionless In White’s new album, Disguise!

Disguise was released just a week ago on June 7, 2019 through Roadrunner Records and is the band’s latest release since 2017’s Graveyard Shift. Disguise feautures 11 tracks, including singles Brand New Numb and title-track Disguise.

Many changes happened since before the release of this album. Devin “Ghost” Sola, MIW’s long time bass player left the band to pursue other ventures. Justin Morrow formally of Ice Nine Kills will be taking over Bass duties for Motionless In White. Also, back in 2017, longtime Keyboardist Josh Balz announced his departure, citing he wanted to focus more time to his oddities parlor, “The Strange and Unusual”.

Motionless In White will be on tour, supporting Alice Cooper, Halestorm will also be on the tour for support. The tour will start in July and end in August. Be sure to catch them on the road this Summer!!!

I know I mentioned this before but Motionless In White is my favorite band, I discovered them on the way out of high school and they became my favorite band in the early years of my Navy years. Now, like most people and their favorite band, every time your “favorite band” drops a new album, you either love it or just think “eh, it could’ve been better”. Luckily for me, Motionless In White is a band that always evolves their sound without completely selling out. Over the years they have found ways to adapt to what is current but do it their way. I enjoyed Graveyard Shift but to me personally, it wasn’t an album that made me feel electric. It was really good and I have a lot of favorite songs on that album but it wasn’t no Disguise!

A lot of bands in a scene no matter the genre generally have a hard time transitioning their sound as they mature as people. A lot bands just stick this formula and hope people don’t lose interest. The biggest reason Motionless In White has been a band that 10+ years under their belt, is because they are a band who isn’t scared to change their sound. To evolve with time, to be fresh and relevant, but not lose the essence of what you, you! I respect that a lot about Motionless In White, they never let you get bored when it comes tot their music. Disguise is an album you would expect from a band who has been around as long as they have.

My favorite tunes on Disguise are; Brand New Numb, Headache, Holding On To Smoke, Another Life, Thoughts And Prayers, and </c0de>. Disguise gets five out five spins, for surprising the hell out of me. I will admit I did not think MIW would put out a beast of an album like Disguise. My favorite lyrics on the album come from two songs on the album. The first set of lyrics taken from the song, Headache. Some days I’m Narcissistic, some days I’m in my way/ Some days I try to sleep with pins and needles in my brain/ Some days I feel sadistic, a portrait of my pain/ Some days I live in fear, that I am every fucking thing I hate! The second set a lyrics is taken from the song Holding On To Smoke. I’m not addicted but I’m not clean/ Why do I do this to myself on repeat?/ So disconnected from my own reality / Am I man or machine?

Y’all be sure to give Disguise a listen! Especially if you have dropped off from listening to MIW in the past few years. I strongly believe Disguise will sway you back to being a dedicated “Creature” again!!!

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