E3 2019 Bethesda

Last night gave us yet another Bethesda showcase and boy did they not disappoint. OK, maybe a little. I am still waiting on new Elder Scrolls. Ha Ha. Besides that Bethesda gave us quite a lot to swallow so let’s take a look ahead at what we saw.

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

First things first. Todd Howard is Sorry. He made sure we were all aware of that. It is no secret that Fallout 76 had a very rocky launch so the team is very hopeful year 2 is much better. To mark that they gave us a glimpse at 1 of 2 free DLCs that will be available come the fall. The first of the two was Wastelanders. Not only are we finally getting human NPCs, we are also getting full dialogue trees. This should give you classic Fallout players that feel you seem to be missing.

Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter

Next we got a look at a brand new Battle Royale mode called Nuclear Winter. It is a 52 person battle in which you battle each other to be the new Overseer of Vault 51. Surviving the Nuclear Winter is key to your advancement to Overseer. And can we talk about that ring of fire?!? This is going to be amazing!

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Nintendo Switch (Fall 2019)

This fall you can experience the world of The Elder Scrolls: Blades with comfort of Nintendo Switch gaming. Not only will you be able to start your own adventure, Bethesda confirmed mobile progress will carry over. The Blades team made a joke about this being Switch Blades. If that doesn’t make you laugh I am really sorry that child in you is dying. Check out Blades this fall on Switch and as always it’s free!

Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo comes from the Tango Gameworks. You may know of Tango from The Evil Within 1&2 however this is supposedly more paranormal. The trailer is incredibly creepy and made me excited to see more of what they have coming at us. Keep an eye out for this one guys!

The Elder Scrolls Online

Now I personally lost my mind at this trailer. This is mainly because I play ESO and loved the first trailer that came out for Elsweyr. The dragons have been released and things have gone a little crazy. In this expansion for ESO we finally get a chance to see the Khajit homeworld as well as play through it all in a brand new class. The Necromancer. If you are a fan of this game I highly suggest you click that play button and lose your mind like I did.

Commander Keen

Holy throwback right?! If you are not aware of the Commander Keen games they are a series of side scrolling game id brought to us way back in 1990. (OOoo Nostalgia) The drag and drop game will have a story mode as well as a battlemode. Commander Keen will be coming at you on IOS and Andriod with a soft launch in the summer.

Wolfenstein: Youngbloods

Kill all of the Nazis! And now you can do it with a friend! In Wolfenstein: Youngblood we go back to the effed up Nazi filled world you love but this time we do it Co-op style. You play as B.J. Blaskowicz’s twin daughters as they move through Paris trying to locate dear ol daddy. Blood, guts and some funny tag lines. This game looks like the Wolfenstein we love with the added fun of friend play. Coming at you July 26th.


If you are a fan of the Dishonored series than you might want to check this one out. Arkane Studios are back again with a brand new game, Deathloop. The game seems to be a dual protagonist game with a lot of action. Taking place during a time of madness in Black Reef, one needs to die to keep the loop. One needs to break the loop to finally live. Do you continue the loop?


Look out Stadia! Look out xCloud! A new player enters the field. That’s right. Bethesda is joining the cloud gaming services because why the hell not right? According to Bethesda you will be able to stream 20% faster per frame and can stream up to 40% lower bandwidth. This means faster and better games for all of us. I am fine with games getting faster. You have yelled at a loading screen just like me. Don’t pretend you haven’t.

Doom: Eternal

That’s right friendos, we got another glance at the new Doom: Eternal. Not only did they show some new footage they also announced a new Collector’s edition in which you can get a Slayer Helmet. (Let’s pray Bethesda doesn’t screw that one up too) We also finally got a release date: November 22, 2019. See you in hell!

Doom: Eternal – Battlmode

But wait! There’s more! They also announced a brand new multiplayer mode! This first person mode will pin 1 slayer against 2 demons with all of them being player controlled. Bring on the blood, guts and glory because this is not your typical fighting mode.

Quick hits for the rest!

Build up your decks!

Moons of Elsweyr!!!

New expansion: Rise of the Ghosts!

This year was the year of Doom. We all knew that. For those of you bummed that we saw nothing about Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6… It’s ok. I am right there with you but also understand that it’s just the waiting game right now. All of these games look amazing and I am really looking forward to the year in Bethesda. Hope you guys check out all of the neat stuff coming at ya!

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