E3 2019- Microsoft


Microsoft is coming at us with a monster of  a show.  They are basically unopposed for time and they took full advantage.  We’ll have further break downs later tonight and into the week on particular titles but for now, let’s jump in!  FYI if the title is going to be on Game Pass, we’ll have a GP by the title.


The Outer Worlds (GP)

Obsidian Entertainment is bringing it with this.  The world is run by corporations and you’re either the hero, villain or a complete psychopath.  Peep that shrink ray!  October 25th release date!


Bleeding Edge (GP)


4 v 4 couch or online co op!  the character design is amazing, and the thought of a melee style battle game really does intrigue me!  Ninja Theory killed it!  June 24th release date.


Ori 2 (GP)


February 11th release date.


Minecraft Dungeons (GP)


Top down dungeon crawler four person co op local and online spring 2020!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!


Blair Witch (GP)

At first look I thought this was a new Alan Wake game, but that isn’t a bad thing!  It looks sick!  August 30th 2019.


Cyberpunk 2077

KEANU FUCKING REEVES.  This game looks amazing.  Everything about it I’m down.  April 16th 2020.


Spiritfarer (GP)



Battletoads (GP)


RPG Time: The Legend of Wright(GP)


Game Pass

Game pass for pc BETA starts today. Football Manager 2019, Halo reach and master chief collection, Tomb raider, gears 5, forza, ark, prey,  wolfenstein 2, 100 games by August.


Flight Simulator (GP)



Wasteland 3 (GP)

Set in Colorado, Levi and his kin folk try to survive.


Double Fine Studios

Matt Booty (the greatest name of all time) comes out and announced that Microsoft has purchased Double Fine studios.  Tim Shaffer comes out and says he will work on anything they want, Halo, Gears, ANYTHING.  Matt just wants him to do what they always do to which Tim exclaims OH THANK GOD, anywhere heres a trailer for:


Psychonauts 2 (GP)


Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga


12 Minutes

Pretty cool looking thriller game.  Stuck in a 12 minute time loop trying to not get killed!


Way to the Woods (GP)

Cute little deer game.  Seems pretty cool!


Gears of War 5 (GP)



Sept 10th release!!!

Dying Light 2


Spring 2020!


Forza 4 Lego DLC


One of the coolest DLC packs!  Out of left field!   June 13th release date.


Phantasy Star Online 2






Elden Ring

This is what George RR Martin was doing instead of writing dem books!


 Wrap up and Project Scarlett

We’re wrapping up. 60 games were shown. Project x cloud and console streaming. Console streaming turns Xbox into a xcloud server. Play wherever you go.

Next console. Needs to be all about gaming. We’re getting a video?! Not just pc not console not mobile. Killing load times. Custom designed processor. 4x powerful than 1x. 120 frames per sec day trace. SSD. New SSD. Next gen games are already being worked on. HALO. Game pass members PROJECT SCARLETT HOLIDAY 2020.  It will launch with….



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