E3 2019: Apex Legends

EA Play didn’t just bring us some amazing Star Wars news, it also gave us some Apex Legends news!



They finally announced Season 2 which will launch in July.  It’ll bring with it a new weapon, L-Star.  L-Star is touted as a “OP” weapon that won’t use ammo you’ve gathered, but will arrive via care package will all the ammo it needs.  L-Star is actually ripped from Titanfall 2, so I would expect more cross overs in the future.  They also announced some sick new skins moving foward.

The huge news is the new Legend, Wattson!  She has a Tactical Ability called Permieter Security, that creates a electric fences to take down your foes.  Wattson’s Passive is called Spark of Genius, which makes Ultimate Accelerates charge her Ultimate Ability,  Interception Pylon.  IP has Wattson place a pylon that destroys incoming fire and repairs damaged shields as long as it’s up.


What’re your thoughts on the new Legend?!  Keep on us for all the E3 news coming out this week!

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