What’s Spinning Me #24: After The Burial

Welcome back, all readers and writers alike. Today’s issue of What’s Spinning Me, I cover Minnesota’s best heavy band, After The Burial and their newest record Evergreen.

Imagine, the year is 950 and you are a fierce Viking ravaging the high seas ready to cause death and destruction. You and Viking cohorts find your way to an island that is covered in trees lightly doused in snow. Before you take the island your “medicine man” busts out the “medicine leaf” and fly up in smoke. In the midst of your trip, your best mate “Viking Steve” bust out a magic box that plays magic discs that produce this sound called music. He and your other Viking brothers take the magic box onto the beach and Viking Steve loads the box with a magic ring. Steve then presses the sideways triangle and this boomin noise fills the valley of the island of trees. Behold The Crown plays loudly as you and your Viking homies get jazzed up and sharpen your battle axes.

After The Burial’s Evergreen is that record, the record you and your savage Viking friends slaughter men, women, and children to. Evergreen makes me feel like a Viking ready to stir up a little chaos. After The Burial are veteran status in the metal world, as Evergreen hits the scene as their sixth record.

The heavy Minnesota outfit released Evergreen on April 19 of this year, through Sumerian Records. Evergreen is also their fifth record to be released through Sumerian. Evergreen features nine tracks, loud guitars, grimy bass, and exploding drums. The two lead singles for the release are Behold The Crown and Exit, Exist. Evergreen is the band’s latest effort since the release of their fifth album 2016’s Dig Deep.

After The Burial had a select few headlining tour dates in mid to late April 2019. Also, during that time ATB was support for metal heavy hitters Killswitch Engage. ATB will also be supporting Aussie heavy band Parkway Drive beginning in early May (May 4 Atlanta GA) until mid May.

I remember seeing After The Burial at a skate venue in Virginia Beach, Virginia back in 2011. I was in United States Navy at the time and I was just a few months into being at my first duty station, in Portsmouth, Virginia. I remember After The Burial was the headlining band that night and I also remember Texas metal band Upon A Burning Body being there. It was a wild show and ATB’s set was cut short due to crowd getting too rowdy and fights breaking out mid set. I remember thinking “This is sick“. Who thought, that band could play so hard and heavy that it conjures everyone to go mad? So mad, that they had to shut the venue down for the night. After The Burial became an instant favorite in my tastes for heavy metal music after that moment.

I personally enjoy this album and I give five out of spins! My favorites on Evergreen are as follows; Behold The Crown, 11/26, A Pulse Exchanged, In Flux, and Respire. I only have one lyric taken from the album I would like to share. Cosmic labyrinthian/ unearth the soul as I reach in/ All hands lost in the crimson/ Do we feel what we cannot touch?/ Can we pull ourselves from the rust?/ All hands lost in the crimson. Taken from the song Exit, Exist. After The Burial’s Evergreen is a forty minute beatdown with little to no letting up. Another thing worth mentioning is the face melting guitar solo on the track 11/26. It is very reminiscent of the face melting guitar solo on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song. That fact alone should send your mind into a spin and at least peak your curiosity. Evergreen, though a metal album, will instantly transports you a world full of clarity, almost as if you are on this island full of trees feeling the wind blow against you and the evergreen.

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