Fear Incorporated Invokes New Album “Apparitions”

I believe all music makes you feel something, good or bad. I believe that music should invoke the best parts of you and simmer down the worst parts about yourself. Light and fear dwell in the same place and music is the tool that either summons one or both to the surface. With all that being said, imagine a place where it’s dark, gloomy, and undesirable. Amongst all that dark and fear is a soundtrack that accompanies you and your travels through this world, a world full of fog, creepy circuses, and seances. Steven Juliano, the lead vocalist of a band called I Am Ghost, once spoke of a similar place.

“A place where everyday is Halloween, a lovely state of mind where we can run free” 

taken from the song called They Always Come Back from their album called Those We Leave Behind

The dark electronic project Fear Incorporated’s new album Apparitions takes my mind to the same place “a place where everyday is Halloween” just replace the smiles and candy with devils and Ouija boards.

Fear Incorporated just unleashed their seventh album Apparitions unto the world today, through Sacred Realms Records. The album features 12 tracks that delve into the world of macabre, supernatural, and the things that go bump in the night. The album features tracks called Ouija Board, Blood Moon and Death Rehearsal.

Fear Incorporated is an electronic macabre theatre project out of the UK and consists of members, William Westwater and Berwyn Waddon. As mentioned before Apparitions is their seventh release and their previous releases being 2017’s Cloak and Dagger and 2014’s Dark Carnival.

Below are the links to finding Fear Incorporated’s music and the project itself.




My personally dig this album simply because it takes me out of reality and into another world for 45 minutes. Apparitions feels like a movie with scenes only you could create and see in your own mind, a movie with no visuals. That is my number one favorite thing about this album, its different transitions. One song in particular, is Baron Samedi, it starts out one way and then the song transitions into another fashion. It almost makes you feel like it’s more than one song in a song, if that makes sense. That particular tune makes me feel like I am walking through a fun house while tripping on acid, it feels like it could take place in the same universe of the movie The Devil’s Carnival. This whole album feels like it belongs in that particular universe, which makes me feel giddy on the inside. Overall this album is amazing, I dig all things that dive into the world of Supernatural. My personal favorite songs on Apparitions are as follows; Hypnos, Baron Samedi, The Haunting, Blood Moon, and Gloom. I dig this album and part of me wishes it were released in Fall around Halloween but why have a Fall release, when you can bring Halloween to April?

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