What’s Spinning Me #23: The Maine

Let me paint a scene for you. The year is 2019 and you are driving down a desert highway, driving at about 80 miles an hour. The sun is setting and the time is about 730pm. You are behind the wheel of a 1967 black Ford Mustang Fastback and the one you love is next sitting next you or maybe it’s just the next one to get to “the one”. The wind blows your hair back as you speed on towards the night and blaring through your speakers is the song Heaven, We’re Already Here by. The Maine. The perfect getaway song for two highway lovers/outlaws speeding away as if they robbed a bank and burned it down…

My name is David Shoemaker and welcome to latest issue of What’s Spinning Me. What was aforementioned in the paragraph before is a description of what goes through my mind while listening to The Maine’s new album You Are Ok, which is the album of focus on today’s issue of What’s Spinning Me.

The Maine released their seventh album You Are Ok Friday March 29, 2019 through the band’s own record label 8123. The Maine welcomed a “New Era” of the band, an ongoing theme as each album is released. The Maine created a new vibe, a new era, and something completely than before. Lovely Little Lonely was the band’s prior release, which debut two years ago in 2016.

The songs Numb Without You, My Best Habit, and Broken Parts were the three singles released in promotion of You Are Ok, respectively. The new album features 10 tracks, perfectly placed one right after the other like the soundtrack to a feature film. The album brings about a grand feel to it, a monumental vibe that makes you feel good to be alive, even if you don’t feel good to be alive. The songs paint those rare moments you either experience privately or something you would see in a indie romantic comedy. You Are Ok makes you feel something you have before or something you have yet to feel.

The Maine is currently on a headlining Spring Tour in support of the new album. The tour will stretch out from now until mid June of this year, there will be two dates ( May 4 and May 5) here in Vegas at the House Of Blues inside the Mandalay Hotel and Casino.

I would like to state that I personally love this album! Before I move forward, I will state that You Are Ok is my current Album of The Year for 2019 with Anteros’ debut album When We Land as a close second! You Are Ok receives five out of five spins and is a near perfect album!

My personal favorites on You Are Ok are; Heaven, We’re Already Here, Tears Won’t Cry (SHINJU), One Sunset, Slip The Noose, and Flowers On The Grave. If I could I would quote the whole album lyrically, because it is a poem from start to finish. As always, I will leave with you my favorite lyrics from the aforementioned album. First one being from the song Slip The Noose.

Oh, just slip the noose/ untie the rope from my wrists/ I was about to let go until I knew you existed./ Breakdown hysteric and young/Uncomfortably numb/ Then you sent my pain into oblivion/I was on the verge of breaking down, then you came around and not a second too late

It really sets up the pace of the album. My second favorite lyrics is taken from the song Heaven, We’re Already Here

Blessed be the night we’re breathing in/ Unforgettable and so benevolent/ The closest that we’ll get to heaven sent for all us darling aliens./ We will never be this young again/ so full of fire and rebellion/ Now shoot the night just like it’s medicine and we all will be born again

The last one is from the tune My Best Habit

To you I don’t exist, ain’t what you’re lookin’ for/ Good thing I don’t exist for you at all anymore/So, if you’re waiting on the sunshine, blue sky, cheap high, lullaby then my best habit is letting you down

Y’all be sure to give this album a listen! The Maine hands down created a work of magic and art. I whole heartily believe that no matter the mood, You Are Ok will make you OK.

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