Risk of Rain 2. The most fun, and addicting game you can play!

From Gearbox Software, and Hopoo Games we have this lovely gem called Risk of Rain 2! The second installation in the franchise, and definitely the one of the most addictive games on Steam. This little roguelike-ish game something that I didn’t even know about until some friends introduced me to it. If  you are unaware of what a roguelike is a proceduraly generated dungeon crawler, and if you die your dead. All your power ups and all your progress done.


When it comes to looks the game look awesome it’s so colorful, and bright looking. The way enemies look is easily distinguishable. Each playable character is very unique, each with its own attacks, and special moves. Some of these characters are ridiculous when you put them in a team together! The playable characters at the moment are.

  • Commando
  • MUL-T
  • Huntress
  • Engineer
  • Artificer
  • Mercenary

Everyone that plays starts out with one character, which is the commando. While you progress through levels, and secret areas you are able to acquire the rest of the characters listed above. Personally my favorite characters to play have been the huntress, and the mercenary. The way the worked together is insane, and gives you a good chance at a long run. Along with good characters you need friends to help you out! Risk of Rain 2 gives you the ability t play with up 3 friends making a team of 4 in all. If you don’t have friends to play with you there is also a matchmaking ability, so you can still get in on the action with team.  Of course all of these runs depend on how lucky you get with your skill drops too.


Upon killing enemies you are given money which you can then buy power ups for your character. Doing anything from giving, and increasing things like your attack speed, to even giving you the ability to heal. The further into a run you go, the harder enemies get, and the more chests begin to be. Luckily along with the rise in difficulty, your money intake will also increase. So make sure to get all the loot you can.



Risk of Rain 2 I found out about through friends, and when I originally started I was like “Wow this is very different from everything I play.”. Now it is part of a regular rotation of games that I play, and stream on Twitch. If you are in the market for getting a new fun game to play with friends. Be sure to go give Risk or Rain 2 a look! The game is $20 USD on steam at the time or writing this up. Just make sure that if you get it, make sure to keep a look at that timer in the right for how long your best runs are. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean about addicting once you see those minutes rack up!

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