Wrestling Going Crazy

I have talked about why I love wrestling, and what it means to me. But let’s be honest…what happened last night at the WWE Hall of Fame was unsatisfactory. For someone of you who don’t know, Bret Hart was being inducted to the Hall of Fame again with the Hart Foundation. A random “fan” ran into the ring and tackled Bret during his speech.

It sickens me to think, someone out there was so willing to risk it all and tackle a 60 year old man…and for what? 15 minutes of fame? For a story from his friends (if he has any now). IT IS RIDICULOUS!

First for some who don’t know, Bret Hart recently had been treated for Colon Cancer and suffered a stoke. To run down, past security and tackle an old Bret could have been disastrous. Imagine being that asshole who runs down and causes Bret to have a heart attack or another stroke, just cause you wanted to be that guy.

I am not going to mention that person’s name here on FrankenCulture because I don’t want to feed into his 15 minutes a fame. Although it has been reported by NYPD he is from Lincoln, Nebraska and a former MMA amateur fighter. It just goes to show he had no respect and no honor in himself or others. This is embarassing, to his family, to the MMA community, and to the wrestling community.

I have a few friends who actually know who this person and worked with him. It is worse that in a world of six degrees, I’m actually able to find more about this low-life. The charges that are being pressed right now, I hope get pushed to the fullest extent of the law.

You are a fan, you paid to be a fan, you paid to view professionals, and you paid for a show. You did not pay to run in the ring and ruin a beautiful moment, of a man and his niece speaking on their loved one and himself’s path.

So in part to the individual who decided to run in the ring and run a great moment. I want you to find the help you need, I hope you find your purpose, and I wish you well on your path to recovery. You need some kind people to wish you well, because the hate you will be have and have coming to you…won’t stop. You will always be that guy, and will be well known in the wrestling community.

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